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During falling ill, the body is frailer, some are factitious enhance a constitution, need eats food of a few nourishing to improve body condition, but, cold often inappetence, also having a lot of food cannot eat casually, lest give the body rehabilitation,bring an influence. Some people have a fever for cure, still can use folk prescription of a few folk, caraway cure has a fever, so have a fever to you can eat caraway really?

Have a fever can eat caraway

The net is passed ” god square “

Vegetable 3 appearance with respect to can allay a fever

The reporter is in some is large the search of small gain was inputted on platform ” darling has a fever ” 4 words, jumped out immediately the search result of 50 pages, much transmit is called these search results oneself ” cate factory ” richA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Advocate, the caption of small gain is ” darling has a fever not infusion, 3 appearance protect vegetable restful ” . This are small rich says, fall ill in darling when having a fever, do not eat antipyretic to darling easily, also not be defeatedShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Fluid, the method that uses dietotherapy also can treat good coldLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
: Caraway goes leaf takes bine and root 3 reach 4, bai Luobo 2 reach 3, ginger 1 reach 2, add rock candy to add water to boil 15 minutes. Wait for temperature moderate to be drunk to darling, darling is drunk go down to perspire can antifebrile.

Once this small gain is given out, many netizens are responded to actively, state oneself can be collected in succession rise try. Be in a few days short inside time, this are small rich by transmit more than 30000, comment on nearly 2000.

A netizen expresses, oneself had been collected and existed in documentation, wait to reserve. Also many netizens raised question to this method.

Have a fever can eat caraway

Parent heat is held in both hands

Itch to try of not little parent

The reporter interviewed the father mother of many Yangzhou this locality with respect to this matter. Lady of citizen the Qin Dynasty is expressedNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Show, their family worries about darling lifetime disease very, at ordinary times the means of settlement also is to want to have only have a fever the symptom runs toward the hospital. See the pinhole that is plunged into when child infusion every time, she is special feel distressed, in the meantime,

To the side-effect of Western medicine she also worries very. If have the method of a kind of such dietotherapy of OK and safe health let darling allay a fever, so she is willing to try.

Citizen Mr Zou expresses, oneself when daughter of 4 years old has a fever, he can drink a bowl of Jiang Shang to the child commonly, again the quilt on the lid, gave a suit sweat, had a fever to be able to be retreated naturally. But he is straight-out also, this earth prescription also is from time to time useful from time to time is trashy, cannot treat as the same, the child has a fever fiercer when, his the first choice still sends a hospital.

Folk prescription may accentuate illness

This dietotherapy method after all useful trashy still? The reporter interviewed Chen Weiming of doctor of vice director of division of traditional Chinese medical science of North Jiangsu hospital with respect to this matter. He expresses, the principle of this one prescription and ” soup of ginger brown sugar ” effect is same, darling drinks bit of hot drink more when the cold has a feverShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Nature is not what evildoing, the auxiliary respect that ginger catchs a cold in remedial chill everybody also be obvious to all. But the curative effect that this kind of prescription has a fever to children still remains deliberate, if darling has a fever,be under 38.5 ℃ , parents can try, but if have a fever 38.5 ℃ above, still need to take darling to see a doctor to normal hospital immediately.

Have a fever can eat caraway

In addition, he still tells a reporter, because caraway has sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorificsLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
, the little patient that has cold of deficiency of vital energy easily had better not use this folk prescription, because this kind of little patient often is put in the symptom of deficiency of vital energy of different level, caraway not only quality lukewarm and flavour laborious can come loose, be fed more or long feed, spirit of gas of meeting waste time, caustic, be caused then or symptom of aggravating deficiency of vital energy, cause a cold more frequent. So, parents have a fever in darling hind, had better not use what do sth without authorization advocates for darling ” dietotherapy folk prescription ” , ought to consult medical expert before take however.

Rapid move is fastened to take medicine under 38.5 ℃

“If the child’s cold has a fever,be under 38.5 ℃ , generally speaking, we do not advocate with medicine, ” paediatrics director Zhu Lingling represents North Jiangsu hospital. She tells a reporter, if the child catchs a cold have a fever be in first

Period, temperature under 38.5 ℃ , right now, the parent does not want rapid move to use drug, can observe completely first however, drop in temperature through method of a few physics, if drink water more, bathe with Wen Shui, wipe forehead, cervical etc. If have a fever temperature exceeds 38.5 ℃ , perhaps catch a cold low fever lasts 3 days two bad, parents are about to take seriously highly, see a doctor darling belt in time to the hospital.

In addition, she still warns the parent, cause fevered cause varied, ailment of a few stomach also can bring about children to give out heat, accordingly, the parent is in when discovering oneself darling has a fever must not blind carelessness, go with a few folk prescription, cubic meter of earth cure darling.

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