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People is to go commonly aquatic product market buys soft-shelled turtle to eat, when buying soft-shelled turtle, must learn to choose correctly, this are crucial, even if auxes would rather a few more floriferous money, also want purchase to pledge good soft-shelled turtle will eat, the method that judges soft-shelled turtle stand or fall is very much, the lively sex that views appearance and soft-shelled turtle solely for instance is waited a moment, the soft-shelled turtle that buys additionally must be handled correctly, should learn for instance following these soft-shelled turtle flesh go the method of raw meat or fish.

How does soft-shelled turtle go fishy smell?

How does soft-shelled turtle go fishy smell?

Biliary can the be ignorant of of raw meat or fish of eliminate soft-shelled turtle, the bile that can use soft-shelled turtle will keep clear of. In butcher soft-shelled turtle when, soft-shelled turtle splanchnic gallbladder is chosen, take out bile, after soft-shelled turtle is abluent, a few water are added in the bile of soft-shelled turtle, next the whole body of daub soft-shelled turtle. Just a minute, full of reoccupy clear water is clean, the soft-shelled turtle after such processing, cook comes out not only without fishy smell, and flavour is more delicious.

1, when butcher soft-shelled turtle, from soft-shelled turtle splanchnic in choose a gallbladder, take out bile, wait for soft-shelled turtle catharsis hind, add some of water in soft-shelled turtle bile again, daub is in soft-shelled turtle whole body. Wait for moment a bit, with clear water full clean. After the course is handled so, cook gives the soft-shelled turtle that come, criterion not only without fishy smell, and flavour is more delicious. Soft-shelled turtle bile is not bitter, need not worry can make soft-shelled turtle flesh becomes bitter.

2, water is warm burn to aboutShanghai night net

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70~80 is spent, put the soft-shelled turtle after butcher in hot water, very hot 2~5 minute (specific time and temperature basis of soft-shelled turtle old tender master with season) fish out, put cool hind (too impatient to wait person can drop in temperature with cool leach bubble) , with one penknife soft-shelled turtle whole body pitch-black corrupt the skin is blown gently clean. Noticed, can fasten a skirt edge (also call flash, be located in all round soft-shelled turtle, it is the flavor on soft-shelled turtle body the part of the sweetest beauty) blow defeat or scrape. Blow clean black skin1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Hind, clean soft-shelled turtle againA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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How does soft-shelled turtle go fishy smell?

3, take out the butter that 4 feet adhere to. Additional, the butter fishy smell inside soft-shelled turtle body is unusual, also should divide certainly clean.

Soft-shelled turtle is OK Xian Chao enters the water to add Jiang Xia to boil again do not have fishy smell, particular way is below:

Prepare data: Soft-shelled turtle 1, fat is right amount, laojiang 5, very light blue is right amount, garlic 6, rapeseed oil 1 spoon, makings1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Wine 1 spoon, salt is right amount, candy right amount

1, prepare all feeding material, the soft-shelled turtle that buys abluent stripping and slicing reserves.

2, the boiler below cold water puts soft-shelled turtle, enter the water soft-shelled turtle scald again fish out reserves.

How does soft-shelled turtle go fishy smell?

3, burn boiler heat to put oil, put fat stir-fry before stewing to fry an oil then.

4, the head of garlic of ready Jiang Pian of very light blue is put to fry a fragrance in boilerForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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5, in pouring scald to cross the soft-shelled turtle of water to boiler, break up fry to incarnadine and ashen, break up into cooking wine again fry involve fire equably.

6, fill the soft-shelled turtle that has fried arenaceous boiler, enter the boiled water of full amount next.

7, after conflagration burns soft-shelled turtleFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Turn again small fire stews 1 hour or so slow.

8, candy and salt are put to flavor before giving boiler, delicate soft-shelled turtle soup was finished.

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