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Although look in the eye of major person, yam is a kind of mouthfeel compares the food with tasteless few, also contain certain candy to divide in yam actually, the mouthfeel that tastes because of this yam is a little small sweet. Among them iron rod yam can want than general businessLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Nutrient composition wants tall, but the general yam that the choice is when frying yam. Because general yam is fried,come out to have bright fragile mouthfeel, if use iron rodA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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How should be the word of yam fried?

How is iron rod yam fried delicious

The action of iron lever yam and effect

1. fills in beneficial is angry

Everybody knows yam smell is sweet, goluptious, but what everybody does not know is, yam contains 18 kinds of when human body place needs amino acid, protein, vitamin and a variety of mineral, it is rife to the action of human body, have bowel of beneficial of be good at stomach, filling kidney empty, the beneficial in filling is angry, be good at lienal filling empty, essence of solid kidney beneficial, calm the nerves the action such as filling head, weakling of a lot of taste group yam of metropolis choice edible will protect bowel to, because yam contains some nutriment, OK and effectiveLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Mucous membrane of repair intestines and stomach, stabilize system of intestines and stomach, protect health of intestines and stomach, suffer from hydrochloric acid in gastric juice especially, the stomach bilges, the crowd of gastroenteritis special recommend edible yam.

How is iron rod yam fried delicious

Lung of 2. Qing Dynasty raises a stomach

Compared with common yam, of iron lever yam cortical be brown purple, but the flesh inside is very white and bright, often edible has very great help to our lung, especially regular smoke, drink, cough, suffer from pneumonic, phthisical crowd holds to yam of edible iron rod, can recuperate a variety of lung diseases, help us raise a health good lung, be in our country especially southern, yamLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Had become everyday the necessary food on table, this also is why the reason with chiefer than northerner life southern.

How is iron rod yam fried delicious

The practice of iron rod yam

Iron rod yam to the action of human body everybody has known, so this how Where is edible yam? Actually of yam having a way is rife, no matter be to steam, bao soup, fried dish, still regard as distribute food, smell is exceedingly not bad, below small make up what recommend two kinds of yam for everybody to have a way.

Clear fry yam

The nutrient part that wants to hold yam not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, can fry make it Qing Dynasty yam, taste not only delicious, and made sure yam is right the good material of human body.

1. uses flay of glove general yam above all, inclined cut paragraph, again paragraph vertical stroke cuts lozenge piece, what be put into yam is cleaned in water next is mucous, next carrot also cuts such figure, dish heart also cuts paragraphs small.

2. is burned in water of caldron lieutenant general, put yam stage by stage into boiled water with carrot first, 3 minutes can fish out, dish heart is ironed into boiler finally can give boiler.

3. conflagration burns oily boiler heatA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
, mix green ginger garlic, will feed material to be put into boiler quickly next, join salt of 2 small spoon, big growl fries divide evenly quickly, give boiler, such with respect to success.

The yam chop that stew

Feed capable person: Chop 500 grams, yam half, medlar is right amount, carrot, ginger is right amount, cooking wine one spoon, white vinegar a few, match dish to count kind.

1. head cleans yam clean now, dispel is cortical, cut hob piece to reserve, cut carrot likewise knife piece next.

2. puts right amount clear water in water bowl, put right amount chop next, leave with article baked wheaten cake, boil 15 minutes or so to take out chop next probably.

3. puts right amount water to be burned in arenaceous boiler, again chop, yam, with in matching dish to put arenaceous bowl together, boil, begin to use conflagration to boil, turn conflagration after half hour probably for small fire, condiment is joined in again arenaceous boiler next, put a few white vinegar more, the calcic element that can make chop medium so produces first-rate result, boil 40 minutes or so probably can edible.

Iron rod yam has tasted not only, and exceedingly much also to the action of human body, no matter beForum of Shanghai night net

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Children, pregnant woman, or the old person is OK edible, above has a way for two kinds when everybody recommends is very good method, everybody is OK according to oneself love to choose those who suit oneself to have a way.

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