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Egg of acetic simmer in water is the folk prescription that folk uses one kind at treating cough, vinegar can use rice vinegar, white vinegar or mature vinegar to wait. Egg and feed acetic happening reaction to be able to be polluted in order to prevent a bacterium, be helpful for skeleton growing. Average time eats egg of acetic simmer in water each, can improve the symptom of cough very quickly. But the cough reason of everybody is not just the same, had better look up the illness with specific basis to have treatment to hospital check.

Must egg of acetic simmer in water be rice vinegar

Must egg of acetic simmer in water be rice vinegar

Egg of acetic simmer in water is not to must use rice vinegar, white vinegar, mature vinegar is replaced possible also.

The egg studies the method of cough

Egg of 1. vinegar simmer in water is treated cough

Egg of acetic simmer in water treats all sorts of cough to have surprise effect. The practice is: Take an egg 1, hit in divide evenly of the agitate in the bowl, half spoon puts rice vinegar to fry pan, decoct puts the egg to fry after leaving with article baked wheaten cake, right amount white sugar is added after the egg is ripe, cool hind eat namely. Everyday time takes 1 each. Eat twice to be able to relieve a cough commonly, the person that weigh can heal 3 days.

Must egg of acetic simmer in water be rice vinegar

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Egg of 2. ginger decoct relieves a cough

Take ginger a small mincing, egg, balm a few, poached eggs resembling simmer in water is same (Jiang Mo scatters the) in the egg. Heat is taken the advantage of to eat after decoct is ripe below, daily two, number coughs to heal namely in the future. This ” medicine ” delicious and curative effect Yi Jia, long cough not to heal lung as good as constant person can try.

3.Ginger scrambles egg relieve a cough take ginger to cut man or silk, infiltrate the egg mix inside the bowl divide evenly, pour a few oil into boiler to burn heat next, put Jiang Si into oil to pass again, fry into the egg finally ripe, take the advantage of heat to eat below. Eating amount but oneself master, face in the evening it is better to before sleeping, eat.

4. white sugar mixes the egg treats cough to suffer from chronic bronchitic person, easy fit coughs after catch a cold catchs a cold, pectoral painful gas closes to, be perturbed uneasiness. Mix with the egg after evaporate of white sugar classics is boiled, take, the effect is very good. The method is as follows: Egg extraction delicacy, knock is in smallA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Inside the bowl, do not mash yoke, albumen, add right amount white sugar and spoonful vegetable oil, water steam is lain between to boil in putting bowl, face in the late evening heat is taken the advantage of to eat before sleeping. Ate 2 ~ 3 timesShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cough but heal.

Must egg of acetic simmer in water be rice vinegar

The effect of egg of acetic simmer in water

The egg is one kind digests absorption food easily, have precaution cancer, defer arteriosclerosis of liver of anile, protection, prevention and cure, be good at headA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The action of beneficial wisdom, strong and handsome skin, be in especially feed vinegar and egg to make up house of acetic egg fluid, feed the battalion of vinegar and egg integratedly not onlyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Raise component and dietotherapy action, and prevented bacterial pollution, the egg Huang Ji after acetification molecular happening ruptures, macromolecule material becomes1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Young member, the material such as element of the lecithin that releases, choline, biology is human body easily to absorb, develop its physiology function thereby, egg Qing Dynasty is a kind of tremendous clear albumen, it is to make life people substantial, except contain rich bacteriolysis enzymatic outside, still contain the material that fight cancer.

Qing Dynasty of egg of the dip that feed vinegar can make tremendous albumen element splitting decomposition is small element, release many bacteriolysis enzymatic wait for material, make its dietotherapy action increases, by acetic bate, deliquescent chorion turns acetic acid into calcium, its feature dissolves easily at water, calcium can fill entirely small intestine is absorbed, this not only interest grows skeletally at human body development, and still can prevent and cure the disease such as hypertension.

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