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Article introduction

The tea culture of our country is very broad and profound, a lot of people like to drink tea at ordinary times, but the sort of tea is very much, and tea is the branch that has cold sex and hot sex, when accordingly everybody is drinking tea, be to need to discern of oneself constitution, the choice suits his tea, such ability have sanitarian effect, can be just the opposite to what one wished otherwise, what tea can you drink is that stomach bad? The introduction suits the tea that the person with bad intestines and stomach drinks below.

 Can drink what tea the stomach is bad

What can you drink is the stomach bad does tea raise a stomach? Drink tea to raise a stomach to see the following:

1, tea kind discern

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, black tea, black tea a few kinds big. Among them Pu’er tea belongs to black tea namely kind. This basically is a basis tea ferments degree by low supreme will differentiate. Normally for, because a variety of oolong tea in green tea and green tea ferments degree is compared low, because this belongs to the tea; green tea of cool sex,medium bright red gown, oolong all belongs to neuter tea, and black tea, Pu’er tea all belongs to lukewarm sex tea.

2, Pu’er tea

It is under appropriate chroma ripe tea of drinkable general Er, won’t produce stimulative effect to intestines and stomach. The boiled water with slippery, ropy, full-bodied pleasant is in after entering human body intestines and stomach, can form a film, add at gastric surface layer, produce protective effect to the stomach! Because this is long-term and drinkable,Pu’er tea can rise raise the stomach, action that protects a stomach. Pu’er tea still has the function that stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, because this is long-term and drinkable,conduce to aperient, prevent constipation.

3, black tea

Drink black tea to also can raise a stomach, drinkable when join right amount red jujube and longan together drinkable, the effect that raises a stomach will be better. Eat the person that bit of balsam pear, watermelon can feel abdominal distension sick person or constitution are frailer at ordinary times, suggest everybody drinks neuter tea or lukewarm sex tea, old people suits drinkable black tea.

 Can drink what tea the stomach is bad

Besides drink tea to raise a stomach beyond, still can raise a stomach by the following methods:

1, abdominal massage

Face in the evening everyday before sleeping, do an abdomen to massage also can raise a stomach effectively. Get on both hands overlay in abdomen namely, it is a center with navel, suitable hour hand draws a circle 30 times, next anticlockwise 30, just began force bit, the force can be increased a little from the back. If things go on like this, can improve function of intestines and stomach effectively, still can reduce abdomen.

2, often eat raise gastric food

(1) , milk

The nutrition in milk is exceedingly rich, can say milk is a kind of perfect drink, and pass research discovery, milk has the very good effect that raise a stomach likewise. The main effect of milk has filling lung stomach, give birth to body fluid, the effect of embellish large intestine, to gastralgia of deficiency of yin with irritability, ferry deficient constipation having very good effect.

(Water of 2) , soup

Have the very good effect that raise a stomach besides congee besides, still a kind of food is had likewise equal the action that raise a stomach, thatForum of Shanghai night net

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It is soup. Best soup is food boiling water, for instance soup of what spinach, vermicelli made from bean starch, egg, you are returned but1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Join essence of a few chicken to undertake flavorring with amid, the effect that raises a stomach so is met more apparent.

 Can drink what tea the stomach is bad

(3) , staple food

On the problem that what has to raise a stomach, should right amount eat staple food more, in staple food respect most those who raise a stomach is noodle. More acidity material is contained in rice, because of this intestines and stomach bad person should have rice less. If boil congee, put in bit of soda less, have profit to the stomach.

(4) , spinach

Face the problem that what has to raise a stomach, spinach is OK also and right amount eat more, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out spinach has moisten the respiratory tract to raise liver, beneficial intestines and stomach, know costive effect. Right amount in daily life have spinach more, can promote stomach and pancreas to secrete1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, achieve stimulative digestive effect thereby. And still contain very rich cellulose in spinach, it can help alvine path peristalsis, thereby advantageous defecate.

(5) , cabbage

The nutrient part of cabbage is very substantial, the person that those want to raise a stomach is OK and great edible cabbage, because cabbage is had be good at lienal raise stomach, emergency acetanilideShanghai Long Feng forum

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, the action of water of alexipharmic detumescence, clear hot advantage. And still contain many vitamin C in cabbage, this kind of material is had acetanilide reach what stimulative ulcer cicatrizations to make, be the same as cabbage and the seed of Job’s tears, dried tangerine or orange peel, honey cook over a slow fire to still can treat gastral cavity to bilge painful, on abdominal distension reach the disease such as ulcer of stomach, duodenum completely.

(6) , congee kind

For the person to raising a stomach, congee is first-rate choice. Because congee is after edible,be digested very easily to absorb. Especially eight treasures congee, it suits to need to raise gastric herd most. Because many earthnut, almond, white sugar is contained to wait inside the nutrition of eight treasures congee, and the quantity of heat of eight treasures congee is exceedingly high also, often edible has a very good protection effect to the stomach. And still contain in fresh earthnut many protein, adipose wait for material, can protect intestines and stomach effectively.

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