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Often live in the person of Shanghai area, had eaten to cut the flesh in vain certainly this cate, be in especially on holidays when, shanghai person can do this dish eat, completely of this cate lubricious fragrance, the flesh tastes very delicate character, smell have a thick sweet smell, and taste fat and not be bored with, and this the nutrition of cate is very tall, contain a lot ofprotein and blood red element for instance, everybody teachs to do Bai Qie porky below specific means and measure.

What is measure of practice of Bai Qie porky?

Cut porky way in vain:


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Makings: Steaky pork 400g (choose the three-layer pork with less fat, belt skin)

Stew makings: Stew flavor (anise, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili, dried tangerine or orange peel, wait) right amount, green ginger garlic is right amount.

Flavor juice: Garlic fine and soft, garlic fine and soft, ginger fine and soft each a few, unripe draw 2 spoon, vinegar 4 spoon, salt 1 small spoon, gallinaceous essence is right amount, cool boiled water 2 spoon, (often do Mom) chili oil is right amount (do not eat hot can not add)

What is measure of practice of Bai Qie porky?


1, steaky pork is abluent, drop does moisture to reserve.

2, steaky pork is ironed into the scald in boiling water to close fact of fleshy qualitative change, impurity of fish out scour off reserves.

3, the steaky pork that has ironed adds water afresh, mix green ginger garlic piece, join alcoholic drink of stew flavor, salt, candy, high-grade Shaoxing (all soup juice should have built cutlet) , boil with conflagration, small fire is stewed slow 4Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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0 minutes.

4, the fleshy fish out that has boiled, cross cold water to immerse 10 minutes.

5, wipe1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Moisture, section is placed dish.

6, garlic sprouts, ginger, garlic cuts delicate last stage. Explode with a few oil garlic fine and soft, Jiang Rong, rejoin green bead moves round twice a little, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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In be being put into a bowl small.

7, all flavorring burden is put into the bowl to mix divide evenly is become flavor juice, join fine and soft of afore-mentioned ginger green garlic.

8, will flavor juice drenchs with spoon go up in cutlet.

9, drench again on right amount chili is oily can edible.

What is measure of practice of Bai Qie porky?

Xiao hang

1, steaky pork small fire stews 40 minutes slow to be able to achieve the soft hardness that suits quite, at that time fleshy entrance can chew easily, skin glue plays a tooth character, mouthfeel is very good.

2, chili oil can make much point, those who remain is OK match white bright chicken to wait very delicious also.

Bai Qie steaky pork


Warm body steaky pork 1, rice wine reachs saline a few, tender Jiang SiShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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3, thin salt soy half spoon, oyster sauce 1 spoon, the head of garlic 1, green half, balm a few


1, steaky pork is abluent, boilFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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One boiler water, a bit rice wine and salt are added after water boils, but purify fishy smell! In putting steaky pork person water, after waiting to boil greatly, in turning, small fire boils 20 minutes again, after involving fire, the boiler on the lid builds choke up steaky pork.

2, will do with powder of thin salt soy, oyster sauce, garlic, chopped green onion, balm touch sauce; Jiang Pian cuts into shreds, steaky pork takes out slice to install dish, with respect to of OK and delicate actuate.

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