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The flavour of dumpling of very should yearning without the person that has had fill dumpling fill, the appearance that because often see the person of those dumpling eating fill on TV,one face satisfies. Especially fill dumpling thin thin skin is bitten after defeating, the hour that Shang Zhiliu comes out is the most wonderful whenLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Quarter. And when doing fill dumpling, not only of coal tub dumpling cortical choose material is very important, its stuffing makings is chosen expecting also is very important. Because only stuffing expects the choice is right, ability lets fill soupShanghai night net

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The bag produces full-bodied soup juice, so what does the stuffing makings of fill dumpling choose?

 Recipe of dumpling meat stuffing

The fundamental meat stuffing of fill dumpling chooses pig thigh meat commonly, and had better be 7 minutes thin 3 share out ill-gotten gains, do not take the sort of pig thigh meat of film of a bit muscle. It is very easy that the stuffing since such fleshy chop comes, mouthfeel it may not be a bad idea, if first pig thigh meat a little refrigerant it is better to take chop stuffing again a little while, a few minutes of time are OK good meat stuffing chop.

Join after meat stuffing chop is good cooking wine, unripe smoke, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pepper and saline mix are even, next measure catchs clear water in meat stuffing namely, the dosage of clear water is the half of meat stuffing about, 2 jins of meat stuffing should add 1 jin of clear water.

 Recipe of dumpling meat stuffing

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In the measure that stresses meat stuffing, the most crucial is not to want to go in water completely at a draught, for the first time first a few adding a bit clear water, press meat stuffing of agitate of suitable hour hand slowly. Remember, it is to press clockwise agitate from A to Z, this direction ten million cannot wrong, if just began,be anticlockwise, also be anticlockwise all the time after

When clear water is absorbed clean by meat stuffing pour water again, every time of little fall, when water was absorbed add again, agitateFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Mixed speed is from arrive slow fast, the meat stuffing after mixing should be jelly shape, cannot see redundant water.

So far, the fundamental meat stuffing of fill dumpling is finishing. For nicer package a bit, the meat stuffing that has mixed can put freezer refrigerant a hour, take again at this moment veryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Wrapped easily.

Mysterious burden one: Sauce of juice of fermented bean curd, fermented bean curd, soya bean.

A jin of meat stuffing matchs a fermented bean curd, two spoon corrupt is galactic, sauce of two spoon soya bean, it is us with spoon of the sort of pottery and porcelain that will drink boiling water. Had these burden need not salt and Jiang Mo the condiment of what.

Mysterious burden 2: The water of bubble Xianggu mushroom.

The water of the Xianggu mushroom that use bubble replaces clear water to catch went in meat stuffing.

 Recipe of dumpling meat stuffing

Mysterious recipe 3: The onion powder of Shandong green Chinese onion.

Become chop of Shandong green Chinese onion green end, mix with balm first divide evenly is stand-by. When when beginning to include fill steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and gravy, put green end in meat stuffing again above, take right amount meat stuffing to be put on the skin, powder of right amount onion puts reassume on the skin, the bag becomes fill dumpling can. Be sure to keep in mind not to mix onion powder into meat stuffing, do so allegedly can let fill dumpling have smelly green taste.

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