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Wax gourd is a kind of commonner in the daily life of people food. Wax gourd is havingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Big effect effect, for example can diuresis detumescence, can the clear hot weather that heat up solution, divide thisFall in love with the sea

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Besides, to round public figure, wax gourd also is a kind of very good food, because the effect reducing weight of wax gourd also is better,this is, do not contain because of wax gourd adipose, quantity of heat is low. Below, introduce the relevant knowledge of wax gourd law reducing weight in detail for everybody!

 Eat wax gourd to be able to reduce weight every day

One, the effect of wax gourd

Wax gourd has effect of favorable the clear hot weather that heat up solution. The summer eats some of wax gourd more, not only heat of disappear of satisfy one’s thirst, diuresis, still can make the person avoids unripe furuncle. Because of its diuresis, and contain sodium few, the beautiful of subsidence of a swelling that is chronic nephritis oedema, hidebound sex oedema, pregnant woman oedema so is tasted. It contains a variety of vitamins and the microelement that human body needs, the metabolization of adjustable human body is balanced.

Wax gourd sex is cold, can raise gastric sex ferry, Qing Dynasty to fall gastric fire, make person appetite decreases, make heat energy of translate into of the starch inside body, candy, and do not become adipose. Accordingly, wax gourd is fat person ideal vegetable.

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 Eat wax gourd to be able to reduce weight every day

2, the nutrient value of wax gourd

Diuresis detumescence: Rich vitamin C is contained a lot ofin wax gourd, and contain a lot ofpotassium element, and potassium element is the microelement with indispensible human body, have the effect of catchment detumescence, the sodium salt that contains at the same time is lower, this to hypertension, kidney is bad, dropsy have very good curative effect, can have the effect of step-down of subsidence of a swelling.

Reduce weight: Believe a lot of a lot MM had tried wax gourd to reduce weight law, because third alcohol is contained in wax gourd,that is 2 acid, this kind of material can restrain carbohydrate effectively to be changed into adipose, do not contain originally in wax gourd additionally adipose, quantity of heat is very low also, to reducing weight it is again good the food that does not pass.

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Clear heat sees hot weather: Go up in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine wax gourd is to belong to cold sex food, flavour pleasant, have the effect that promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid clear to heat up, to the summer solution heat has distinct effect, because this summer solves heat Qing Dynasty,wax gourd of hot food blame not was belonged to. And the practice of wax gourd is very much also, can do boiling water, can distribute food, mouthfeel is very good, have very good improvement to summertime lose one’s appetite action.

3, regulations of food of wax gourd law reducing weight

1) is reasonable arrange 3 meal. Breakfast eats tall fine cornmeal, low fat onlyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Rare breed, not only conduce to eliminate adipose excessive to absorb, andNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can disappear fat, at the same time also won’t block up nutrition is absorbed healthily, also be natural thin waist food, can inside short time thin waist, as to the flesh kind, seafood stays treat Chinese food, dinner can take a place delicate, vegetable should occupy much. Must not because be overcome cate is alluring and the appetite that does not control oneself.

 Eat wax gourd to be able to reduce weight every day

Half hour stands after 2) meal. Actually the biggest reason of feminine waist get fat is unwary, because working study is busy, come without time at all reasonable allocate the life, arrange oneself drink1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Feed daily life. Meal hind stands half hours at least, what can go up in order to discharge adipose deposit in little stomach is vexed, return leave out after the event to make up for.

Before 3) sleeps 4 hours abstinence. The one big fear that reduce weight has a thing before sleep namely. Morpheus when the body does not need exercise, eat the thing below to be able to be absorbed to become adipose corner to rise by the body entirely. If hunger must be overcome, also can eat only a few the water green vegetables that boil or fruit.

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